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In the Emmy-winning drama’s third season, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) has backstabbed his way into the Presidency, and appoints his First Lady, Claire (Robin Wright)—MINOR SPOILER ALERT—U.N. Ambassador. As they tackle threats from within their own party as well as a massive jobs program, a Middle East peace agreement, and a clash with Russia over gay rights, they also battle to maintain the state of their own union. New guest stars include Kim Dickens (Gone Girl) as a hard-nosed White House reporter, Paul Sparks (Boardwalk Empire) as a novelist recruited by Frank to write a book, and revolutionary Russian punk rockers Pussy Riot as—who else?—Pussy Riot.

One of Britain’s longest-running sitcoms stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb as a pair of sexually frustrated flatmates and employs trademark POV shots as well as voiceovers to let you know what’s really going through their minds. Among the women who thwart their desires in the first three seasons are Broadchurch’s Olivia Colman as Mitchell’s co-worker and Two and a Half Men’s Sophie Winkleman as Webb’s ex-girlfriend, “Big Suze.” The ninth and final season will air later this year, so start catching up now!

It’s not exactly cosplay, but the real lives of the men and women who put on mascot outfits for work are almost as wild, as the second season of this Sports Emmy-nominated reality series proves. Among the performers profiled are Lou Seal of the San Francisco Giants, Chris Hall (an Easter bunny who has autism), and the show’s first female mascot, Arizona high-schooler Navey “The Tiger” Baker. sorry, Jim Carrey’s Mask is not included.

The plus-sized stand-up generates big laughs with gags about Chick fil-A, Anderson Cooper and lesbians (“I’m not intimidated by you—I’m often mistaken for you”). The runner-up from Season 1 of Last Comic Standing filmed the show before a live audience in Atlanta, so you know they’re going to eat up those Chick-fil-A jokes.

If you’re interested in the not-so-funny business behind the stand-up scene, check out this new mockumentary featuring interviews with Jim Gaffigan, Janeane Garofalo, Margaret Cho, SNL’s Michael Che and more. What’s real and what’s just a joke? Sometimes it’s not so easy to tell, but these Adventures certainly pack a punchline.

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