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The former Mr. Katy Perry weighs in on takes on the cult of celebrity, corporate exploitation, sex, drugs and the TSA—not necessarily in that order—in this uproarious standup special filmed live at London’s historic Hammersmith Apollo. Asks Brand, “Isn’t it possible that airport security are taking the possession of fruit a bit too fucking seriously?” That’s bananas!

Okay, so it’s not quite the same without Jack Lord and his amazing tidal wave of hair, but CBS’ current reboot still features TV’s coolest theme song ever and some quality bromantic dialogue between Alex O'Loughlin’s Steve McGarrett and Scott Caan’s Danno. And Grace Park’s Kono is a hell of a lot hotter than any of McGarrett’s sidekicks were back in the old days.

COP SHOW (LStudio.com)
For fans of Comedy Central’s late, great Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, the hard-edged standup’s new police-drama mockumentary constitutes an arresting proposition. In addition to Quinn, familiar faces from the old roundtable who pop up in episodes include Jim Norton, Keith Robinson, Nick DiPaolo, and Jim Gaffigan. And, oh yeah, some guy named Jerry Seinfeld. Too bad his career amounted to nothing.

LUCAN (Acorn TV)
This two-part British mystery stars Rory Kinnear, aka Frankenstein’s monster on Showtime’s Penny Dreadful, as a different kind of creature — a legendary earl nicknamed “Lucky” who was suspected of murdering his children’s nanny and disappeared in 1974. The estimable ensemble also includes Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccleston and Catherine McCormack. And the script is by Jeff Pope, who co-wrote Philomena with Steve Coogan. Bloody good show!

BLOOD (Hulu)
He’s a doctor. No, he’s a vampire. He’s a doctor and he’s a vampire! This South Korean drama squeezes its juice out of the story of a top oncological surgeon (Ahn Jae Hyun) who tries to control his bloodlust. But when a sexy new sawbones (Gu Hye Sun) joins the staff, can he resist the temptation to suck her dry? Blood is good to the last drop.

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