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All 29 episodes of History’s hit drama are now streaming on Hulu. Travis Fimmel stars as King Ragnar Lothbrok, a mythical medeival warrior who wreaked havoc on France and England. Other familiar faces in the cast — if you can recognize them beneath all the blood and grime — include ex-Law & Order DA Linus Roache as the merciless King Ecbert of Wessex, Nip/Tuck’s Jessalyn Gilsig as the widowed lover of Ragnar’s brother, and Gotham’s Donal Logue (Seasons 1 and 2 only) as King Horik of Denmark. Catch up now before Season 4 debuts early next year.

It’s been a rough year for John Mulaney. He was vaulted from little-known standup and Saturday Night Live writer to star of his own self-titled Fox sitcom — which got savaged by critics and quickly axed. But did he give up? No. He’s back with a standup special taped in Chicago that shows why he was plucked from the comedy clubs in the first place. He doesn’t discuss his prime-time failure but rather focuses on topics like his family, his new marriage, and the time when he was 10 years old and met Bill Clinton — the inspiration for the show’s title. In other words, he gets back to basics. To paraphrase Bubba’s 1992 campaign manager, “It’s the comedy, stupid.”

Speaking of comedic comebacks, the guys behind the cult 1995-8 skitcom Mr. Show with Bob and David, i.e. Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk and Arrested Development’s David Cross, return with an all-new sketch series. Okay, it’s only four episodes, but they’re packed with guest stars (Keegan-Michael Key, Paget Brewster), new characters (Shangy the Digital Soothsayer, Yellin’ Ellen Bellman of the Broadway Reviewtime), and old favorites (Paul F. Tompkins, Brian Posehn). And if you’re still not satiated, there’s an hour-long behind-the-scenes documentary that’s also full of laughs.

Relu Unescu (the magnetic Serban Pavlu) seems like an ordinary Romanian taxi driver, but he’s leading a double life: He also works as a collector for a local mobster. His worlds collide after he unwittingly commits a murder, and as he tries to protect his family from his “Family,” Umbre becomes a kind of Romanian Sopranos — only without the onion rings. Suffice it to say it’ll make you think twice before getting into your next Uber.

The YouTube comedy channel known for its content featuring Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera and Reggie Watts launches a new series in which celebrities talk parenting with actual children. The first episode boasts John Mulaney (he’s everywhere!), Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan, and the Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin. Turns out kids really do say the darndest things.

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