Not only has man conquered every surface of the Earth, he’s filmed hundreds of thousands of hours of man having sex on it. Now, PornHub, one of the Internet’s biggest freetube adult film juggernauts, hopes to trade on its capital with masturbators the world over by announcing an IndieGogo campaign to send adult film stars Johnny Sins and Eva Lovia into lower-Earth orbit to finally conquer the final full frontal-tier by shooting a new adult film called “Sexploration.”

With the advice of a team of space-savvy scientists and the production of Digital Playground Adult Studios, PornHub hopes to reach its $3.4 million goal over the next two months so that it can get “Sexploration” off the ground by late 2016. NASA has continually and officially denied any and all reports of their astronauts going all the way in space, and truthfully, we would probably rather watch these two get it on anyway.