After just finishing up a rather weird two weekends at Atlanta’s TomorrowWorld (or rather, MudWorld) and Austin City Limits (where I ate too much fried shit), I’m more than looking forward to spending a low-key weekend back in California at CRSSD festival in San Diego.

Because hey, sometimes smaller is much better when it comes to festivals.

With a super diverse lineup including everyone from tropical house powerhouse Kygo to indie rock superstars The Flaming Lips, you also might not have heard of most of the artists playing. I’d say CRSSD is definitely for hardcore music fans and those wanting to experience new music.

Here’s 9 acts you for sure need to catch this weekend at San Diego’s Waterfront Park.

If you’re looking to experience a super unique live performance at CRSSD, Big Data is sure to deliver. Besides the fact that their song “Dangerous” was on the radio all summer long, the Brooklyn-based band’s interactive sets complete with a talking computer take their sets to the next level. Expect to also hear tracks “The Business of Emotion” and “Clean.”

You might not immediately recognize the name if you’re not into house music, but you’ll recognize songs like “Firestone” and “Stole the Show.” Go see Kygo because he will immediately transport you to a tropical beach somewhere far away. Believe me, it’s an experience. Everyone from Avicii to Chris Martin of Coldplay has recognized the brilliance of the tropical house producer and DJ. Listen to “Firestone” and try not to dance, I dare you.

I had the pleasure of catching Cashmere Cat at Diplo’s Mad Decent L.A. block party this summer, and it was an amazing set that had the entire crowd vibing. The Norwegian producer has become a mega-star in just a matter of months. He’s worked with everyone from Kanye West to Usher to Ariana Grande, so the 27-year-old obviously knows how to work a crowd.

I mean c'mon, it’s The Flaming Lips, how could you not want to see them live? The iconic rock band is one of the headliners for CRSSD, and will be just coming off fresh from a show with yes, Miley Cyrus in Chicago (I kinda hope they bring Miley with them.) Plus, “Do You Realize” has to be one of the greatest love songs ever.

Any artist that is dubbed a “visual art-based project” is intriguing as hell to me. With dreamy sounds and catchy lyrics, Autograf combines art and music by pairing paintings they create with songs they have produced. Incorporating vibraphones and a whole lot of percussion, I’ve had their track “Dream” on repeat all day so I cannot wait to watch them perform.

Seeing Brooklyn-based indie rock band TV and the Radio at CRSSD is a serious no-brainer. Also, you’ll need to mix it up with some live acts considering all the electronic acts playing at CRSSD this year. They’ve been on a tour circuit all summer and are just coming off ACL, so they are of course going to deliver an amazing show.

The Germans clearly don’t mess around when it comes to electronic music. Andhim describe themselves as “Super House,” and their live shows go above and beyond regular dance acts. The boys use the record player as their main instrument, and don’t take themselves too seriously. Catch this act if you want to dance around a lot with your friends.

Anyone who is touring with The Weeknd I’m automatically going to say is amazing. But Banks and her incredible voice are more than just a second-tour act. Besides the fact that her track “Beggin for Thread” put her on the map in 2014, she’s currently working on a second album that will be more than good. And if you’re a dude, she isn’t too bad to look at either.

Goldroom is the type of dreamy music you want to listen to at a festival in California. L.A. based producer Josh Legg takes electro-pop and turns it into something an entire crowd can love. Check out tracks like “Fifteen” and “Embrace” if you need further convincing. Goldroom is a happy medium of mellow-ish lyrics with upbeat dance tracks that’s hard to ignore.

Check out the complete lineup for CRSSD here.

Nicole Theodore is an editorial assistant at Playboy. Follow her on Twitter.