After one last fight in Indiana, and one last wallop by Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz suspended his campaign for the Republican nomination Tuesday evening. Cruz put all he had left into the Indiana primary, and besides taking the time earlier to say his dad wasn’t friends with Lee Harvey Oswald, he didn’t accomplish much.

In a long speech Cruz thanked everyone, quoted Reagan and related an anecdote about two children donating their lemonade stand profits to his campaign, which probably did not happen. He did not say one word about Donald Trump, the now presumed nominee.

Cruz may be a disliked fellow, but he ran a pretty tough race. He chased the Trump avalanche for as long as he could and won 565 delegates for a respectable second place. We’ll see him again, eventually.

Gov. John Kasich is now fourth place in a two-man race for the GOP nom, but it’s hard to know who long he’ll stay in. Trump needs fewer than 200 delegates to get the nom officially cinched before Cleveland and the convention, and there’s nobody to stand in his way now. Even if the convention isn’t contested, it’s going to get crazy in July. Unless, that is, the shellshock from the party mainstays wears off by then, and the GOP dutifully gets in line behind its new man.

Lucy Steigerwald is a contributing editor for Twitter: @lucystag.

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