If it is one thing millennials quickly feel they have to get used to, it is the idea that many of them might not be homeowners. At least in the traditional sense, minimum wage internships that seem to go on forever and student loan debt means that the white picket fence might be a thing of the past for most of our generation. But that might be okay if tiny houses continue to go the way they are going.

Downsizing and reusing materials look pretty cool though , as shipping container homes have proven to us. Designer Nils Holger Moormann seeks to continue this idea with his Kammerspiel design project, which translates to “intimate theater.”

Essentially the Inception of rooms, the Kammerspiel is designed to give someone privacy within an already established space. Living activities like sleeping, working and eating are streamlined into the most ergonomic space possible. These nooks can be accessed from all sides, while things like clothing storage are located on the inside of the cube.

All kinds of modules are available, including attaching beds to more external storage. Options include making the bed go on top with various storage options surrounding the edge of the cube. And yeah, the stairs also come with storage space, and there’s even a genius place to store your bike.