What I wouldn’t give for a time-traveling DeLorean.

Las Vegas sports books have updated their odds for this year’s World Series, and the Chicago Cubs are now the favorites at 5-2 (via the Westgate Las Vegas). Last April, the Westgate had the Cubs at 40 - 1 to win it all.

I wish I could go back to the beginning of the season, put some money on the Cubbies!

Earlier this week, respected scientists were talking about potential “alien megastructures” orbiting a distant star. That somehow seems much more plausible than a Cubs World Series win.

If the Cubs do manage to pull it off, Vegas will take a major hit. As Kyle Ringo puts it, “Cubs attract heavy action year in and year out regardless of how good they’re expected to be.” Translation: a lot of overweight middle-aged men of Polish descent are poised to make some cash.

That said, if history is any indication, a Cubs victory in the World Series is probably still a long shot, regardless of what Vegas or Back to the Future II have to say.

(Source: Yahoo! Sports)