As with any pop star worth their salt, a quick scroll through Omar Banos’ Twitter feed reveals dozens of photos of the 19-year-old Chicano singer and multi-instrumentalist posing with awkwardly grinning fans. Despite the fact that he’s only been playing live for little over a year, the Hawthorne, Calif., artist better known as Cuco has gained plenty of diehard followers who even have their own nickname (“Cuco Puffs”). Frequently, these selfies are captioned with strings of heart emojis, which feels only too appropriate, given the bedroom-crafted, soul-bearing music he makes, which he sings in Spanish and English.

The only child of Mexican immigrant parents, he grew up listening to Chicano rappers such as Baby Bash, Lil Rob, and MC Magic, Latin rock, and later discovered jazz and metal. He began playing guitar at the age of eight, before learning other instruments and teaching himself how to produce using Ableton. After a YouTube video of him covering Santo & Johnny’s “Sleep Walk” went viral, Banos began putting out his own DIY recordings, merging 808 beats, mariachi trumpets, celestial synths and his own lackadaisical vocals. His hazy songs capture universal teenage experiences such as falling in love and heartbreak without relying on tired cliches.

With the blessing of his parents, he also dropped out of school to focus on music full-time. “Once they saw where I was going with my music, they were like, ‘We’ll let you do what you have to do,‘” he tells Playboy.

So far, it’s paying off. Cuco’s self-released projects—2016’s Wannabewithu and 2017’s Songs4u—were praised for their vulnerable, genre-diverse ballads, and earned him cosigns from artists including R&B singer-songwriter Khalid and The Internet’s Steve Lacy. After putting together his band, Shidü, Cuco has played sold-out shows and opened for the likes of Portugal. The Man and Helado Negro.

His latest single, “Sunnyside,” allows him to show off his electric guitar soloing chops, while delivering the confessional lyrics he’s become known for. Today, we’re premiering the psychedelic-washed, day-in-the-life video for the spacey track, which was directed by Ambar Navarro and stars Banos and his bandmates (sporting clothes from their own streetwear line, Fantasy’s Easy Living) jamming, skateboarding and horsing around parking lots.

Though he’s spending Valentine’s Day this year headlining Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre (there’s even seasonally appropriate cards featuring Banos and the group members), the singer says he considers himself “pretty romantic,” citing his ideal low-key date as staying home and watching TV. As for the rest of 2018, he’ll be touring North America and playing festivals including Noise Pop Festival, Coachella and Governors Ball.

Watch the “Sunnyside” video below, and check out Cuco’s upcoming dates here.