In a world where casual Friday seems to start earlier every week, let’s not stop investing in sartorial elegance altogether. And let’s not lose our sense of humor. Cuff links are one of those affectations we can get behind, particularly with so many styles taking the piss out of the Bond, James Bond of it all.

Enamel skull cuff links, $175 by Alexander McQueen

Rhodium-plated crystal cuff links, $210 by Lanvin

Silver Berettas on red enamel, $575 by Duncan Quinn

Enamel pinup cuff links , $125 by Paul Smith

Ferrari metal Pneumatico tire-tread cuff links, $880 by GTO London

Cricket-ball cuff links ,$ 445 by Deakin & Francis,

Show Some Cuff
Make sure your suit jacket sleeve is tailored to show between half an inch and one inch of shirt cuff. Any less and no one will be able to admire your badass bling.