At the time of its release 16 years ago, Galaxy Quest was a well-received send-up of Star Trek that managed to earn the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation. Since then, it’s only grown in esteem and cult appeal, earning praise from Star Trek actors and fans alike. In fact, it’s so well-regarded among Trekkies for its pitch perfect skewering of everything from corny sci-fi television to fan culture that, two years ago, they placed it seventh on their ranking of every Trek movie ever made, which makes it a better film than six actual Star Trek movies, including Star Trek Into Darkness.

Now, by Grabthar’s Hammer, Galaxy Quest is on its way to a second life. Entertainment Weekly reports that a series based on the film is in development at Amazon Studios, with the film’s co-writer Robert Gordon and director Dean Parisot on board. We don’t yet know if the series will serve as a continuation of the film or be a complete reboot, and we also don’t know if Amazon’s plotting to get the original stars back (though Tim Allen’s already got a TV show, and it’s hard to imagine Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman or Sam Rockwell committing to something that could theoretically run for years) or continue with an all-new cast, but despite knowing almost nothing about the project, this is exciting for Quest fans.

If the series is picked up, it’ll join an ever-growing list of film projects adapted for television. We’ve already got From Dusk Till Dawn, Teen Wolf, Scream and more, and Limitless, Rush Hour and others are on the way.