In just under four months, our six-yearlong national nightmare will finally come to an end. Over the weekend, JB Smoove told the audience at Philadelphia’s Roots Picnic music festival that the 9th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm will premiere October 1 on HBO.

Aside from Jeff Garlin calling season nine’s storyline “kind of crazy,” plot details have been scant thanks to Larry David’s penchant for airtight secrecy. But lucky for us, the same can’t be said for the show’s supporting cast, who’ve been far too eager to dish out clues as the season nine premiere date inches closer.

Here’s what we know so far.

When we last saw David in the season 8 finale, he was in Paris with Leon (Smoove) evading a previous commitment he made to hang out with sick kids. Though the prospect of watching them debate the correct pronunciation of “merlot” for a few episodes is scintillating, Curb is a quintessential L.A. show. It looks like David agrees. Last December, the cast and crew were spotted shooting around Los Angeles, which means David is coming home.

As for who we can expect to see in the new season, almost all of your favorite recurring characters appear to be back. In February, Richard Lewis revealed that he taped at least one episode of the new season and was also photographed with David and Smoove at the March wrap party.

Back in October, Susie Essman, who plays the foul-mouthed Susie Greene told the Daily News that she too is returning, and will be channeling her real life hatred for Donald Trump into her character’s notoriously hot temper.

Other core cast members set to return are Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen, who’ll once again be playing the cheery foils to David’s curmudgeon. Cheryl Hines, who plays David’s estranged wife is also returning, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed last November.

A new face entering the Curb universe will be ultra-familiar to fans of Gilmore Girls, as Lorelei herself will appear in a number of season nine episodes, potentially as a love interest for David. According to Lauren Graham, her character is “someone who has very colorful language,” a major departure from her days in Star’s Hollow.

So, is it October 1 yet?