When I say “competitive eater”, I bet the majority of you think of huge, 300+ pound dudes shovelling mounds of food down their throats. The really well-versed ones might even think of a tiny, skinny asian man. I guarantee that none of you were picturing a cute, little blonde girl, though!

Meet Kate Oven (kitchen appliance as the last name of a competitive eater; classic!), the 5 foot 5, 130-pound girl who can devour plates of food your brain can’t even comprehend. She’s done pizza challenges, burger challenges, and even burrito challenges. There’s no dish that this girl can’t conquer, and yet she still looks like a sorority girl.

I want to date her, I’m just petrified of having to pay for dinner. Check her out here aboloshing a stack of pancakes taller than most babies.

And here’s some of her finest pics from Instagram:

New Year 🌟🎈 #nye #2016

A photo posted by Kate Ovens (@kovens12) on

Weekend ⚫️⚪️ #weekend #selfie #crimpedhair #newcastle #blonde #black #white #smile

A photo posted by Kate Ovens (@kovens12) on

Out last night with brother and sister 🍹🍷

A photo posted by Kate Ovens (@kovens12) on

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