Everyone can remember what it was like sneaking into their parent’s liquor cabinet in high school and replacing whatever amount they took with water. But it’s rarely often we hear about the tables actually being turned on the kids.

A British dad, who posted his entire liquor debacle on the Reddit thread ‘Today I Fucked Up’, got super pissed about his teenage daughter stealing his favorite cookies (aka butter biscuits in dark chocolate).

He raided her room looking for the cookies, and instead found a full bottle of vodka. Instead of grounding her like most average parents would, he decided to get back at her by filling the bottle with water. “I chuckled to myself at the thought of the disappointment that she and her friends would be experiencing in a few short hours,” he said on his post on Reddit.

Little did he realize his efforts would become completely pointless and yield zero satisfaction. He asked his daughter the following day how her night had gone with her friends.

“Oh,” she replied, “it was weird… we had some vodka but when we drank it, it was water!” Grinning to myself but giving her my very serious dad’s face, I asked what they had done. “Well,” she said, “we just took it back to Tescos and they replaced it with a new bottle for us!”

Not only did Tescos replace the bottle, they even sent a letter of apology to the daughter as well.

Better luck next time, dad.

H/T BroBible