My dad isn’t a fashionable man in the traditional sense, because he generally wears what dads are wont to wear: polo shirts, white New Balances, and Marriott Vacation Club hats. But he is a trendsetter, because my man has been proudly, unironically rocking a fanny pack for at least two decades running, during a time when few other dads would dare to be so bold.

Is my dad’s beloved fanny pack lacking in, uh, aesthetics? Sure. There just isn’t a very good way to wear one, because, lest you forget, this is a pouch protruding from your waist we’re talking about here. But in a practical sense, few accessories rival the fanny pack. Where else can you conveniently stash your wallet, camera, chargers, earbuds, hand sanitizer, decongestants, antacids, pain relievers, snacks, books, and writing utensils—all items that my dad may or may not have stuffed in his fanny pack at this very moment? (Note to self: Call home.)

You’re not just going to throw all that shit in your pockets like a monster, now are you? When you think about it that way, fanny packs are a stroke of genius, and we really should’ve been wearing them this entire time. Good job by you, Dad.

Now that we’re all in agreement that fanny packs a.) have a ton of practical utility and b.) make precisely zero stylistic sense, it really doesn’t matter what yours looks like. So you might as well lean all the way in: The Dadbag is a new fanny pack that looks like a dude’s hairy beer belly. That’s literally it. It’s the stuff dad bod dreams are made of, and I want to wear it so badly.

London-based art director Albert Pukies is the visionary behind the Dadbag, and he’s seen such a good response on social media that he’s toying with launching a Kickstarter campaign to produce six more belly designs, per Highsnobiety. Sadly, that means the Dadbag is still just a concept, but I’m pretty sure we can will it into being if we ask Pukies nicely enough. For now, your RompHim will have to suffice.