If you haven’t seen Star Wars: Force Awakens, then I just feel sorry for you. You’re missing out on one of the best movies of 2016 and an incredible reboot/sequel (we really need a word for this. Requel?) to the classic sci-fi franchise.

Of course, one of the highlights of the film was Daisy Ridley’s performance as Rey, the abandoned scrap collector turned (SPOILER ALERT) Jedi badass. They’re in the midst of filming the eighth Star Wars movie right now, which means Daisy’s currently in badass Sith fighting mode. And she was willing to prove it with a video she posted on her Instagram. Take a look:

Much like her character Rey who (again, SPOILER ALERT) is training with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, Daisy has also been pushing herself to the physical limit, which she also documents on her Instagram:

And here are a few other gems from Daisy’s Instagram page:

And if you were curious, here is my personal favorite GIF of Daisy:

Seriously, if you’re not pumped for the new Star Wars trilogy, I don’t know what could possibly bring you joy on this Earth.

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Joseph Misulonas is the Girls co-editor for Playboy.com. He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.