Playmate of the Year 2002 Dalene Kurtis says it’s hard to imagine it’s been nearly 10 years since she last posed for Playboy. Judging from her new Playmate Xtra pictorial, Dalene is as sexy as ever. We caught up with Dalene for Wednesday’s Facetime interview, and the Playmate talked about being a businesswoman, a mother and her infatuation with James Bond and Betty Boop.

Harmony Williams: When did you decide that being a Playmate was something you wanted to do?

*Dalene: *Someone found me, so I was scouted. At that time I was working at State Farm Insurance, so Playboy was not even in my mind. But I always wanted to do Playboy. So a scout found me. I went to do my test shoot and got a call a week later asking if I wanted to be a Playmate and I thought, Yeah, this is going to be cool.

Jose L. Costa: If not for having become a Playmate, what would you have aspired to be?

Dalene: I would probably be doing what I’m doing now. Playboy gave me a lot of stepping stones, especially getting Playmate of the Year. But I’m a real go-getter when it comes to business. If I wasn’t in Playboy I would definitely have my own companies, which I do now. I started a debt settlement company in 2002. Kinda random, right? But it worked out really well. I have a jewelry line, a swimsuit line. I have a lot of things. But those doors opened up more so with Playboy. But I’m definitely driven. I like being my own boss.

San Giuseppe: What was happening in your life before you became a Playmate?

*Dalene: *Before Playboy I was still living in Bakersfield—not too exciting, just working. I would come to LA and think, wow, how fun and amazing it would be if I could live here?

Scott Duffney: What are your plans for the future?

*Dalene: *Well, I’m working on a book and I’ve got a few charity things I’m gearing up to start and I’d love to do more stuff for Playboy. I’m really, really excited. From being a Playmate in ‘01 and then shooting again 10 years later brought me back to my fans, which really made me feel good. I just didn’t drop off the planet and no one heard about me.

Kenyatta Williams: What is the ultimate accomplishment that you would like to achieve before leaving this world?

Dalene: I would have to say I’ve already had one. My ultimate accomplishment was having my little boy. When I had my son, that’s when my world really blossomed into a whole new realm. Having him was just the icing on the cake in life. I would love to have more little ones, so…

Daro Alcox:If you where to do a movie, which would you prefer: drama, comedy, action or thriller, and who would be your leading man?

*Dalene: *I love James Bond movies, so I would love to do that kind of movie. And Sean Connery would be my leading man. Those old James Bond movies are great to watch.

Doug Clark: What’s the one thing people don’t know about you that you wish they did?

*Dalene: *Well, I would say that I’m a really giving person and love to help people. My family and friends, I would do anything for them, and I wish people would know that and they will know that with the two charities that I’ve got working under my belt because I love helping people. It doesn’t happen too much, especially in this industry. You’ve got to fend for yourself. One of my charities is for domestic violence—abused children and women.

Frank Fernandez: What are some of your most memorable moments since becoming PMOY?

*Dalene: *I’d have to say the day I became Playmate of the Year. Looking back on it now I wish I would have taken that day in and really embraced the day. I was so nervous! What else? Going to Japan with Brande Roderick—that was pretty mind-blowing.

April Rose Cummings White: If you could be a cartoon character who would you be?

*Dalene: *Betty Boop. I grew up loving Betty Boop. My dad’s an artist so he would make these huge paintings of Betty Boop. It’s such an old cartoon. I thought Betty Boop was so cute.

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