Meet your next President of the United States of America: Dan Bilzerian.

I mean, realistically, what better person is there to run the country? He’s young, he’s successful, he’s good with money, he’s fair, and we can certainly trust his decision-making. Let’s face it, he’s basically a younger Bill Clinton. The only difference is Dan posts the pictures to Instagram.

Dan threw a launch party for his campaign last night in New York and it featured women wearing his bumper stickers in places where bumper stickers don’t normally go.

These beauties reppin’ #Bilzerian16 stickers.

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Runnin through the airport w my woes, headed to NYC, @marqueeny tomorrow night #Bilzerian16 #YouKnowHowDatShitGo

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Alô @alexphether eu apoio @danbilzerian #bilzerian16 #ninguemmeteaporradamao

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The Bilzerian ‘16 campaign got underway recently with stops in Toronto, Montreal and Boston. Dan certainly hit the campaign trail running fast already, lobbying countless people for votes in each city he stops in. Basically, rather than recite a boring speech or talk about dumb things like education or taxes, Dan’s way of campaigning is a little bit different. He shows up at a club or event, surrounds himself with girls so hot your imagination couldn’t even come up with them, and has himself the best friggin’ time you could ever want. I’m talking cigars, champagne, loud music, and girls in bikinis… because a good leader leads by example!

My music teacher said i had to learn to play an instrument to be a rockstar, that was also a lie

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I’m slightly worried that only the good looking girls will vote for me #Bilzerian16

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Dan even dove out of a helicopter while visiting Montreal. If that isn’t valour and bravery then you need to re-watch Men Of Honor or get your head checked.

Just droppin in to @beachclubmtl photocred: @troypatrickm

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While in Montreal, I had lunch with Dan’s buddy Greg Baroth, who will hopefully get a nice role in the administration once Dan gets elected President. Greg informed me that the campaign trail isn’t easy. It requires long, hard hours and lots of rigorous travel. However, he rebutted himself, it’s all worth it to try and make a difference. They have my vote!

Just got to Boston, I’m running out of clean clothes, maybe I’ll go to @royaleboston like this

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Since I left my Jet in the U.S., my business manager said 125k for the one way was a waste, that turned out to be a lie

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They gave me expensive French champagne, but I prefer Mexican beer

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