Welcome to the wildly weird world of bubble soccer. Though it may seem like a fake sport invented by overprotective parents, it’s actually a real sport and it’s growing (seriously).

Here’s how it works: two teams clad themselves in giant inflatable bubbles and play brutal, full-contact soccer. It really is exactly what you would think it would be. But if you want to really understand bubble soccer, this is probably the best video to do so:

Now you’re starting to get why the sport might not be as stupid as you initially thought, right?

What might not surprise you is the fact that the entire sport is based on a joke. Back in 2011, Norwegian comedians/television hosts Henrik Elvestad and Johan Golden created the sport as a bit for their sports entertainment show Golden Goal. To everyone’s surprise (or maybe not), their joke sport started being played for real.

If you’re thinking, “How real of a sport could this actually be?” Know that it’s real enough to have its own league in the United States. That’s right, there’s a National Association of Bubble Soccer (NABS) league and you can join it.

The sport has become so big that Jimmy Fallon, Colin Farrell, and Chris Pratt have tried their hand at it. If you’re interested in finding out more about bubble soccer, Vice has written up a much longer piece all about it HERE.

And if you want to see what bubble soccer might look like as a nationally televised sport, check out this slick video:

So whether you think it’s cool, or incredibly lame… at least it’s not Ultimate Tazer Ball.