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Daniel Craig Tapped to Star in TV Adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Purity’

Daniel Craig Tapped to Star in TV Adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Purity’:

While many have sought to adapt Jonathan Franzen’s critically acclaimed book The Corrections for more than a decade, it looks as though the author’s most recent work, the novel Purity, published as recently as September, is already moving toward the screen—and it’s already enlisted Daniel Craig.

With a script penned by Franzen himself and Todd Field, a proven filmmaker responsible for the Academy Award-nominated films In The Bedroom and Little Children, the project’s gaining a lot of time in Hollywood talks. Though the Scott Rudin-produced adaptation hasn’t been picked up yet, there’s already a bidding war on the horizon—the likes of Netflix, FX, and Showtime chief among the hungry—with all parties ready to promise a 20+ episode straight-to-series order.

Craig, already the notable billing, wouldn’t exactly have the lead role as anti-nuclear activist Andreas Wolf, head of a WikiLeaks competitor known as The Sunshine Project. Instead, the eponymous character Purity Tyler, a twenty-something in search of truth (and her father), would take the honor, though the novel deals with a score of intertwining life stories.

This will be the first bounce into American television for Daniel Craig, who is more than happy to shed the James Bond legacy.

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