Let the official record reflect that July 20th, is the day the world learned that Danielle Radcliffe actually does suck at something. That’s right: The boy wonder can act, dance, sing and even rap, but he cannot perform the duties of an office receptionist for an hour.

For this gift, we can thank the folks at NYLON magazine, who put Radcliffe up to the challenge. The celebrity manages to fly under the radar (for the most part) while unsuspecting staffers begin to appreciate the talents of their actual receptionist, Lauren.

Radcliffe, who is probably not used to being so bad at his job, says during his brief tenure that the desk job has “already proven to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

As an added bonus, former teen heartthrob Joe Jonas makes an appearance and seems to not recognize the British actor. Unfortunately, Joe Jonas–who is probably fairly used to being bad at things–is not a good enough actor to convince us that his bit isn’t scripted.