When I write these posts, the text box where I enter all these words is called the “Body Copy.” That basically means “here is where all the words go”. So I click my cursor on the “Body Copy” box and start typing away about a variety of different things each day. You could say that I’m quite familiar with this “Body Copy” section of our back-end system, but only right now did I finally realize the irony. It took the absolutely perfect body of Daniela Ya for me to realize the double-meaning of “Body Copy”.

For those unfamiliar with the stunning blonde beauty, she is the total package. There is nothing about her that isn’t simply perfect. And she knows how to flaunt it too! Whether it’s the perfectly round butt, super flat stomach, amazing boobs, gorgeous face, or long luxurious hair (why do I like long hair so much??)… there isn’t a single part about Daniela Ya that should be changed. Enjoy her finest Instagrams here!

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