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Here’s the ‘Dark Souls 3’ Setup You’ll Need to Start Slaying Giant Goo Monsters

Dark Souls games are known for their super-hard boss battles and their weird medieval storytelling about undead warriors and ghastly kingdoms. Now we’ve got a look at the opening cinematic of Dark Souls 3, and it looks like it’ll be more of the same—in the best “gross awful unkillable monsters” way possible.

The video shows us the kingdom of Lothric, a burned-out graveyard of a place ruled by the undead Lords of Cinder. One looks like it’s a black version of the living slime from Ghostbusters 2. One has an army of guys who look like the Black Riders from Lord of the Rings. And one is a fucking giant.

So players have sword-slashing and dodge-rolling with those guys to look forward to. Praise the sun, I guess!

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