It takes a special kind of person to want to do high-speed run of a tough game like Dark Souls 3, and it takes a lot of skill. The player not only has to be good enough to wreck huge, difficult bosses, but they have to be able to navigate a huge world full of deadly enemies—not to fight them, but to quickly dodge them without accidentally getting murdered.

Speedrunner Distortion2 has developed some ridiculous Dark Souls skills, melding smashing bosses at top speed with perfect knowledge of every path through the game to get the game finished in about an hour. Distortion2 set a new record for speedrunning the game in the video above, which shows some crazy tricks for avoiding death, jumping gaps and avoiding battles.

You can also check out the previous record, which Distortion2 managed to trim by a minute in the latest run.

It won’t be long until more players figure out the best ways to blast through Dark Souls 3 as quickly as possible. Expect a lot more insane videos to start popping up as speedrunners start battling for the record of who can make a game that regularly wrecks players like me look the easiest.

Via Kotaku