One of the more interesting things about the Dark Souls series is its multiplayer component, in which players can “invade” others’ game worlds. In practical terms, that means players can “summon” each other for help fighting through tough areas or beating notorious Dark Souls bosses, or they can attack the other player, attempting to kill them for fun and profit.

The interactions between players are mostly limited to being cooperative or fighting, but if you’re clever about it, you don’t always have to actually battle other players when you mean to kill them. In Dark Souls 3, there’s a particular spot where the ropes of a rickety bridge can be cut, breaking the whole thing apart, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-style. One player used that location, and a bit of trickery, to their great advantage.

The other thing you can often do in Dark Souls 3 is carefully change your appearance, either by magical means or by acquiring the right gear. YouTuber fuolox managed to make a character that looked like Patches, a trickster character that has appeared in several of the games. That unassuming appearance allowed fuolox to cover the above-mentioned bridge in sparkly treasures, luring hapless players onto it, before fuolox cut the ropes and let them fall to their deaths below.

It’s actually pretty funny to watch players ignore the Patches impersonator or fail to understand what to make of him, and then furiously scramble for the end of the bridge just before it all collapses. Even better is when the player semi-apologizes to the people who don’t die outright.

Via VG24/7