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Dark Souls is a tough game, requiring players to very carefully time their movements and avoid huge, awful attacks from huge, awful bosses.

But last month, a player by the name of The Happy Hobbit posted a stream of the game, showing a run through its entirety with so much expertise, he didn’t take a single hit from an enemy. In a game that’s largely about swinging swords and avoiding getting hit with combat rolls, that’s pretty impressive—but Dark Souls series director Hidetaka Miyazaki doesn’t believe it.

Speaking to Wired UK, Miyazaki called the whole thing an “elaborate rumor.”

“I don’t believe the player who says he completed the original Dark Souls without taking a hit,” Miyazaki said. Apparently he sees the game as so difficult that such an idea is simply outside the realm of speculation. A flawless Dark Souls run is an urban legend akin to the call coming from inside the house; one day, everyone will know the story, and it will always have happened to a friend of their cousin or something.

Of course, you can just watch the livestream above, but whatever. There are videos of Bigfoot and UFOs, too. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet, kids.

You can read the whole interview over at Wired.

Via Polygon.