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Apparently All the Characters in ‘Dark Souls 3’ are Free-Balling It

Apparently All the Characters in ‘Dark Souls 3’ are Free-Balling It:

Here’s one of those unforeseen consequences of video game development that, in the end, is not a bug, but a feature.

As Kotaku reports, players have discovered that in Dark Souls III, certain items of clothing don’t quite work as intended. Specifically, when characters wear robes, and then do certain actions like sit, their ass hangs out. Apparently nobody in this awful, monster-filled, undead medieval world wears undergarments.

The trouble is that the in-game clothes can’t quite handle certain actions, so the character’s ass “clips” through the clothing (that is, it comes through as if the clothing was not a solid object). And the result is a lot of wardrobe malfunctions, as seen in the image above, posted by Twitter user ziku66661.

Surely developer From Software is going to fix this “glitch,” but this seems more like a particularly clever bit of world-building and characterization in this remarkably dense, interesting world. Maybe people want to play as the kind of warrior wizard who wears nothing beneath their enchanted poncho. Maybe in Dark Souls III, that little bit of extra draftiness helps you stay extra-alert when fighting huge evil creatures.

Admittedly, Dark Souls is usually pretty serious business, though, so if you’re not into the idea of maybe showing your butt every so often as you dispatch a series of sword-wielding horrors, you might check out this alternate take. It seems horror director Eli Roth (best known for the Hostel movies) is bringing his sensibilities to a Dark Souls animated movie. Check out the trailer for that below to cleanse your, uh, palate.

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