Once again, we arrive in the realm of science where people already have countless bits of anecdotal evidence suiting a now statistically viable result. The journal of Food Quality and Preference found that both men and women have some odd ways of picking food when out on a date.

On one end, women are likely to avoid unhealthy foods, like tantalizing french fries, based on the idea that men find physical health attractive. This would add compelling evidence to the reason why your recent dating partner seems to avoid the Porterhouse steak on the menu. Or maybe they’re vegetarian, and you had too many Coronas and forgot. If you did forget, be better.

According to the author of the study, the findings “revealed that prior exposure to attractive men decreased women’s willingness to spend money on unhealthy foods.”

Men don’t count calories, according to the study (which we politely call bullshit on). They study says they use the ordering of food and drink as a way to show off fiscal well-being. More expensive drinks or food could also be a way for men to appear sophisticated and “worldly”, a diverse palate and appearance of being cultured all coming via the luxury of wealth. For men the study found that “exposure to attractive women did not influence men’s consumption preferences for healthy or unhealthy foods.” Who says dudes are the only ones paying on a first date?

The outlook appears a tad too much like the “white-picket-fence” outlook on gender. Numerous women took to the internet to express their fry-eating ways, even when around the male gaze.

Regardless, the author of the study Tobias Ottenbring, stands by his findings saying “This research reveals how…appearance-induced mate attraction leads to sex-specific consumption preferences.”

Here is the peer reviewed counterargument: the best date in cinema history very clearly featured the sexy consumption of greasy food.

Checkmate, Ottenbring.