Dating apps can work. I know it doesn’t seem likely, but I’m getting married to a woman I met on Tinder in the fall. Another reason to keep swiping: You get free stuff! Hinge, a dating app that has yet to witness the mainstream success of, say, Tinder or Bumble, is currently running a fun promotion through August 21 that lets couples who met on dating apps claim prizes based on relationship milestones. Because the promotion ends in a week, this means if you haven’t met anyone on Hinge, you’re going to have to move fast. Real fast.

The app’s “Milestone Market” is actually pretty great and is host to an impressive library of gifts that are sent straight to your door. For example, when a couple is meeting the parents, they receive a free bottle of wine courtesy of Minibar Delivery Wine. When a couple is about to purchase a dog, they take home a three-month subscription to Barkbox. For bigger occasions like an engagement, couples receive $100 to Zola Registry. But perhaps the greatest gift of all is the We-Vibe Sync Couples Vibrator, a $199 toy couples recieve when they embark on their honeymoon.

To get in on the promotion, users just click on the prize that corresponds to their milestone and answer a few quick questions–that’s it. The prize will be shipped in the mail. For scammers looking to rake in some grab-and-go swag, things aren’t so easy. The Hinge team must first verify a relationship’s authenticity before gifts are mailed out.

Considering the dating app market is an overcrowded one, the Hinge’s new promotion is a brilliant way to attract singles from strong competitors, though I’m sure competitors will soon offer similar services. So don’t give up on dating apps just yet, if for nothing else but the free stuff. Let’s not neglect the fact that can also be effective.

Research from SMS marketing service SimpleTexting shared exclusively with Bustle found some very encouraging information regarding dating apps specifically. For starters, they found that dating apps aren’t solely used for hookups, as is commonly believed. According to their report, 38 percent of men and 44 percent of women download these apps because they seek long-term relationships. Seven percent of people on dating apps have been in relationships for six months to a year. Fifteen percent had been in a relationship longer than a year and get this: 14 percent had gotten engaged or married.

In case you haven’t seen much return on your investment in the dating app space, the study also offers tips on how to attract a partner. First, the obvious: Photos and description are everything. Researchers cite 34 percent of men are most influenced to swipe right on a profile when they like a profile picture whereas 31 percent of women are most influenced by a man’s about me/description. So make that limited space count, fellas.

A tip? Opt for humor. Sending a message that makes her laugh is most successul with women, according to 30 percent. But then again, a simple “hey” wasn’t far behind with 24 percent. So it’s not even hard, guys. There’s no excuse; get out there, you don’t even have to leave the couch. Don’t give up on dating apps just yet.