A memo to awards show producers everywhere: The next time you enlist Dave Chappelle as a presenter, turn the teleprompter off and let him fly. Case and point, the taping for Def Comedy Jam 25, where Chappelle and fellow comedian D.L. Hughley took the stage to introduce a segment.

What could have been a canned exchange between two outspoken performers hobbled by some pre-written dialogue, turned into a poignant and hilarious riff about the rise of white supremacy in the age of Trump.

Chappelle began by reading from the teleprompter. “What Def Comedy Jam was always willing to do was take the heat, the criticism and the hate,” he said. “Because that’s basically just being black in America.”

But the comedian couldn’t be contained for long:

“If we told them what being black in America is, would they believe us? This is not for television. This is just for us in the room. I’ll ask again more succinctly, if we told them what it was, would they believe us? No, fuck no they wouldn’t. Nigga, there’s a fucking white supremacist starter kit at Target: ‘Here, let me get some tiki torches, some khaki pants and a fucked up haircut, I’ve got something going on next week.’ It’s real right now. And have we seen it all before? Yup.”

And just to make sure that everyone in the room knew that he was speaking off-the-cuff, Chappelle, directly addressing the show’s producers, said “You can leave this in, too.”

Not only did they leave it in, but they’ve decided to feature the spontaneous bit in this newly released clip from the special, which is now available for streaming on Netflix. And why wouldn’t they? At a time when racial tension in America is at its apogee, voices like Chappelle’s are crucial in helping us navigate such emotionally-charged times.

Watch the clip below.