Dave Grohl continues to be just the most Dave Grohl. The multi-instrumentalist Foo Fighters frontman took his honorable rep as one of the coolest dudes in music to new heights at the band’s show in Sweden last night when he broke his freakin’ leg, went to the hospital and came back to finish the show.

In one fan-shot video, Grohl, on his back and in very good spirits, all things considered, told fans “I think I really broke my leg” with the casual tone of a singer asking the crowd to open up the pit. He then makes a promise and apology before being taken away by the medical staff.

Grohl’s good mood blazed on upon his return, according to a few Redditor photos, playing the second half of the show laid up in a chair with his bandaged leg propped.

The Foo Fighters have a Netherlands show this Sunday and have made no announcement about rain-checking it.