What’s the point of having a dad who’s an internationally-recognized superstar in sports and fashion if you can’t use it to hook yourself up and photograph hot models?

Brooklyn Beckham, the 16-year-old son of David and Victoria Beckham (a.k.a. Posh Spice), announced on Instagram that he would be photographing a campaign for Burberry and it has drawn the ire of more experienced photogs.

Chris Floyd, who has shot for GQ, Esquire, and Harpers Bazaar told The Guardian that the move was a “devaluation of photography,” and “sheer nepotism.”

Another photographer, John Gorrigan, who has worked for Mr Porter and Esquire said, “It infuriates me because I learned my trade and other photographers learn their trade but he’s not learning his trade.”

Of course, Floyd has only 5,004 followers on Instagram and Gorrigan has 7,821. Compare that with Brooklyn Beckham’s 5.9 million followers and it’s a little easier to understand why Burberry decided to have him shoot the fragrance campaign.

Christopher Bailey, the CEO of Burberry, admitted as much saying, “Brooklyn has a really great eye for image and Instagram works brilliantly for him as a platform to showcase his work. His style and attitude were exactly what we wanted to capture the spirit of this new fragrance campaign.”

Brooklyn actually isn’t the first Beckham offspring to work with Burberry. His younger brother, Romeo, appeared in front of the camera as a model for the brand’s Christmas ads last year.

As for Brooklyn’s lens work, you can judge for yourself. Some of the photos Beckham took are below. How do you think he did?

Rooftop with @LivMasonPearson for @Burberry @BrooklynBeckham for #THISISBRIT

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Location change, shooting @maddiedemaine1 @BrooklynBeckham for #THISISBRIT

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