After a turbulent lead-up to its release, World War Z surprised everyone with a sizeable box office success, despite complicated production problems. Now, according to Variety, David Fincher is set to helm the sequel to the series. Brad Pitt, the star of the first installment, is poised to return as well. CEO Jim Gianopulos of Skydance Productions has not yet officially green-lit the movie, but his go-ahead is expected any minute now.

Sources close to the company say that if all goes according to plan, production would probably begin towards the beginning of 2018. Apparently, Brad Pitt (and his charisma) being on-board was crucial for the famed Gone Girl director. According to the article, “Pitt met with a handful of directors but nothing materialized until he decided to reach out to Fincher to try and woo him for another collaboration.” This would be a continuation of the relationship between Gianopulos and Fincher, as Gianopulos okayed the production of Gone Girl while at 20th Century Fox.

After the franchise travesty that was Alien 3, who Fincher himself admittedly hated, the director has been rightfully reticent about making sequels. It seems only natural that one of Fincher’s favorite leading men (and one of mostly everyone’s favorite leading men, except for that time or two he really upset Angelina Jolie), from Se7en to Fight Club, is the magic ingredient to break the franchise dry spell.