There’s a lot of similarities between new moms and strip club goers: They both spend a lot of time handling nearly nude bodies, are comfortable sticking their hands in someone else’s underwear and both are covered in someone else’s bodily fluids.

A lot of the terminology we use when talking about babies can take on dirtier connotations when applied to strippers. One Redditor asked, “What names can be used for day cares and strip clubs?” Here are the best responses.

1. uberpower

We Raise Your Little One

2. SuspiciouslyWetFart

Learning Curves

3. TheRealCalypso

The Red Caboose

4. PineappleAssGrenade

The Toy Box

5. Funkmeistr

Daddy’s Little Squirt

6. IPoopedATapeRecorder


7. Karnaged666

Wiggles and Giggles

8. Pythagora

The Ball Pit

9. TheGreatChatsby

Bottle Service

10. Taylor_2011

Daddy Day Care

11. 68Golfer

The Juice Box

12. nintynineninjas

Busy Moms

13. poohster33

Show and Tell

14. deadbird17


15. harrison3bane


16. DrunkenMonkey42

Happy Hands

17. ChrisTheGuy

Daddies Drop-off

18. R8tech

Sticky Fingers

19. Kwarshaw


20. erichhaubrich

The Blue Ball Room

21. Nessrocker

The Cubby Hole

22. suuupbrah

Glue and Glitter

23. crustalmighty

If My Father Took a More Active Role in My Life, I Wouldn’t Be Here