I considered myself something of a skater back in middle school, despite the fact that I didn’t actually skate. It wasn’t for lack of trying; I had a cheap skateboard, but the one and only time I tried dropping in on the homemade halfpipe in my buddy’s garage, I violently ate shit and bled everywhere and immediately decided the sport wasn’t for me.

The lifestyle was, though: I downloaded every punk band’s discography on Napster, hung out at PacSun and Journeys (remember: middle school), knew the ins and outs of all Tony Hawk levels, and especially dressed the part of a skater, including rocking DC shoes.

I suppose the crazy thick padding on DCs actually served some kind of skating purpose, but for me, a non-skater skater, they just looked cool. Here I was thinking that DC shoes have long since gone the way of the dinosaur, until I discovered that the thick kicks are back, baby, and they’re not just for middle school skaters anymore.



DC’s newly released Astors ($65, dcshoes.com) still have the same cool shock absorption specs that will make you better at ollies, or something, but their relatively simple look and feel also make them a good fit for grown-ass men to rock in any casual setting.

Snag a pair now to relive your glory days grinding on the vert ramp (cool skater speak), or if you’re like me, listening to NOFX while your friends do all the actual work.