Dead Heavens

Dead Heavens

Walter Schreifels latest effort as part of Dead Heavens is remarkable. Schreifels is no stranger to the music scene, and has been active in a variety of groups since 1985, including groups such as Quicksand, Rival Schools, With Walking Concert, and eventually his solo career. His latest group, Dead Heavens, seeks inspiration from the insanity of the modern era in the new album Whatever Witch You Are.

Schreiefels says we have to focus on the forest, not the trees.

“How does one rise to the myriad challenges of modern love? People are working (or not working) at home these days, weed is mostly legal, throw in video games, Instagram and full seasons of Walking Dead into the mix and it becomes easy to lose the plot on your love life.”

Below is the Playboy premiere of the first song off their new album, Whatever Witch You Are. The song sounds like Black Sabbath just woke up from a cryogenic sleep that somehow made their sound even heavier.

On the song, Schreifels seeks to specify the album’s overarching theme.

“Basic Cable is about trying to keep it together, make that dinner reservation, find that thoughtful gift, do all the dishes. Music wise I was listening Cream’s Disraeli Gears a lot when this was written so it has some of that day-glo psyche blues flavor.”

‘Basic Cable’ and the pre-order for their new album Whatever Witch You Are is available on Friday, April 7. You can pre-order here. The full album will be available on June 16th.