Ever wanted to get inside the giant weirdo mouse head of progressive house music DJ performer guy Deadmau5? If you’re wading into the future of virtual reality, you can! Eventually.

Deadmau5 is partnering with Absolut Labs—yes, the vodka company, it has a digital content division—to create a VR experience called Absolut deadmau5. As you can see in the trailer above, kind of, you’ll control deadmau5, drive a car, do some music, maybe hop over some boxes. You know. Video game activities a musician might have to deal with.

The game works with Google Cardboard, the fold-together VR headset that works with smartphones. Deadmau5 and Absolut are working on a limited edition version of Cardboard you can pre-order now, and which will run you about $18.

If you’re a deadmau5 fan, the upshot is that the game will include new exclusive music from the artist. The whole goal is to put players through a night in the life of deadmau5, and it ends with the player DJing a set for a giant crowd, complete with unreleased deadmau5 music. You can learn more about the game, which comes out July 27, and pre-order that deadmau5 headset on its official website.

Via Polygon