Ryan Reynolds first played Deadpool in that crappy X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, where he was nothing like the charater in the comics, who is a wisecracking, foul-mouthed, fourth wall breaking superhero. He’s actually one of the coolest heroes in any comic book, and he was completely neutered in that garbage movie.

A new Deadpool movie (called Deadpool, believe it or not) is coming out next year, and the first teaser for the first trailer (because that’s the world we live in now) just came out. It looks like they’re actually going to portray the character as he’s written in the comics, which is pretty freaking great.

This will be a nice change of pace from our current slate of comic book movies, that seem obsessed with slotting in as many famous people into obscure roles as possible and then adding a bunch of random nonsense from the Marvel universe so that the movie can lead into the next Captain America movie which will then tie into the next Thor movie, while all the films basically follow the same plot structure.

And it’s not taking the “We’re going to make superheroes gritty, because that’s cool,” the way Zack Snyder and the folks over at DC Comics are doing with their films. Seriously, could they make a movie with the Joker look any less fun?

Basically, the Deadpool movie looks like the superhero movie we need, and also the one we probably deserve.

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Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for Playboy.com. He believes The Dark Knight is the best comic book movie ever, and there’s nothing you can say that will change his mind. He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.