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Exit Clear

Our December 2014 Cover with Elizabeth Ostrander

Our December 2014 Cover with Elizabeth Ostrander:

December 2014’s cover features Miss December 2014 Elizabeth Ostrander, and it’s pretty breathtaking. The dripping condensation. The ice. The not-so-sublte underboob. It’s a Christmas cover you won’t be able to get out of your head.

But the gorgeous Ms. Ostrander isn’t the only reason to peruse this month’s issue. We’ve also got 20 Questions with Charlie Day, the Playboy Interview with Joaquin Phoenix, Pat Jordan visiting a crew of NASA scientists hiding out inside an abandoned McDonalds, the sun-drenched Art & Soul pictorial with sultry Lindsay Jones and Adam Skolnick finding out if a $100,000 guard dog is really worth it.

Playboy Social

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