Time travel movies are the best kinds of movies. If a movie uses going to the past or future as a plot device, it’s immediately better. The Terminator movies, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Twelve Monkeys and many more used time travel to make great movies. But the absolute king of the genre is Back to the Future.

Well we found a deleted scene from the 1985 classic film that makes us love the movie even more. Doc Brown is going through his future self’s possessions he left in a suitcase in the DeLorean, when he makes a very scintillating discovery.

Well Doc won’t have to wait all that long to find Playboy in his real life. In fact, he doesn’t have to wait at all. The first copy of the magazine came out in December 1953. He could probably go to his local magazine shop and find one.

We’re assuming this historical inaccuracy is why it was cut out of the film.