The DeLorean DMC-12 holds a unique place in automotive history. Not only is it the car that Doc Brown, with the benefit of a flux capacitor, used to build a time machine in the Back To The Future series. It is also, as Patton Oswalt noted on “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” (right before the car broke down), an automobile with “dark cultural history. This is ‘80s hubris,” a testament to company founder John DeLorean’s high-flying lifestyle and subsequent drug trafficking conviction.

Hubris, or at least an outsized imagination, might explain the projects that Chicago car collector Rich Weisenssel takes on. Self described as “DeLorean crazy,” Weisenssel built a monster truck, a hovercraft, and a limousine out of the DMC-12 and spoke with Barcroft Cars about his collection.

Weisenssel met John DeLorean in 2000 and showed him a sketch of a project he had in mind. DeLorean’s reaction was “If you think you can do it, go for it.” Weisenssel completed his DeLorean monster truck in 2002 using parts from a wrecked DMC-12 and a wrecked Chevy K-5 Blazer. From there he went on to create a limousine, which has three sets of gullwing doors, and other strange hybrids including a recreation of the Back To The Future time machine.

Since so few of the DMC-12 were ever made, Weisenssel only uses damaged cars for his creations since he doesn’ want to take any cars in good running order off the road.

See Weisenssel’s collection in the video below:

h/t Top Gear

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