Photo by [Andrew W. Sieber/Flickr](

Photo by Andrew W. Sieber/Flickr

Delta Airlines is kinda like the ruthless, kiss-ass little brother who seizes on his older sibling’s mistakes to score crucial brownie points with his parents. When United Airlines booted two girls from a flight for wearing leggings back in March—ah, simpler times—there was Delta, ready to swoop in and profess that THEY would NEVER discriminate based on their passengers’ apparel, savagely subtweeting their enemy in the process.

And now, in the wake of United’s violent removal of a 69-year-old man from an overbooked flight and the disastrous fallout, here comes Delta again, promising almost $10,000 to passengers who give up their seats.

According to an internal Delta memo obtained by the Associated Press, the airline told gate agents that they can offer up to $2,000 (an increase from $800), and instructed supervisors to offer up to $9,950 (up from $1,350). This is a win-win for all parties: No one on Earth would balk at a cool $10k in exchange for a couple more hours hanging out in the Atlanta airport. Meanwhile, if Delta forked over $9,950 to every passenger it bumped in 2016, they’d spend around $12 million, per the AP. For comparison, Delta made $4.4 billion last year. Chump change.

And now we wait for Delta’s inevitable response to the United passenger who was stung by a scorpion on a flight last week. Should be any minute now.