A quick glance at any menswear-focused reddit thread reveals that there are a lot of dudes out there who are serious about their denim. And who could blame them? Jeans are the gold standard when it comes to casually cool dressing. Thanks to the designer jean renaissance of the 1980s, and the explosion of niche brands in the early aughts, we are now living in a denim lover’s paradise.

This fall, it’s all about expanding your sartorial horizons by exploring some left-of-center jeans. Don’t worry, all of the styles here are super-wearable and guaranteed to play nice with stuff you already own. If you’re the type of dude who lives in his jeans (and who isn’t?), we encourage you to take full advantage of just how versatile gourmet denim can be.

A few pro tips: Look for jeans with a higher rise (that’s the measurement from the bottom of your junk to your waist), as that will create a longer, more elegant leg line and make you look a bit taller. Also: When in doubt, size up. A good tailor can easily nip your jeans below the knee to give them a slimmer, more tapered silhouette, but adding extra fabric to young jeans can be expensive and a little risky. Aside from that, go forth, young rockstar!

Bored with your usual blue jeans? Explore rocking a pair of slim-cut jeans cut from grey denim. Thanks to their super-compatible color palette, grey jeans offer you a ton of flexibility for styling and profiling. You could, for example, pair them with rocker boots, a vintage T-shirt and a black blazer for an elegantly shaggy neo-Strokes vibe, or dress them down with a rugged hoodie and crisp Air Force 1s for a classic hip-hop-inspired look.

Most of us practically live in our denim so there’s no reason not to invest in the best, right? This winter, we advise you to ball out and treat yourself to a pair of cashmere-lined jeans. Unlike gaudier displays of luxury, these bad boys are discreetly opulent, as all the richness is within. When it comes to this magic fabric, there’s no better purveyor of cashmere goodness than Loro Piana. Need to justify the cost? You definitely won’t need to wear Long Johns under these when it is brick out, as cashmere is one of the warmest natural fabrics known to man.

Dark jeans don’t always need to be dressy. Thanks to their rigid structure and uniform color palette, a pair of sturdy unwashed denim jeans will do wonders for your next streetwear-inspired fit. The key to nailing the look is to get yours tailored to have a nice one-inch cuff at the bottom, all the better to show off your cool kicks. These joints from Carhartt WIP would look dope with a gourmet hoodie and some checkerboard Vans.

They say that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, but we’ve never been fans of listening to what “they” say. We say: Be a sartorial scofflaw and rock some white jeans this winter. They will look as awesome with a preppy cable knit sweater and loafers as with a trashed Motörhead T-shirt and some monochrome Converse All Stars. And if anyone calls you out for wearing white in December, just tell them you are stylishly protesting global warming.

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t tell you that super-tight jeans (the EDM of denim fits) are on their way out. Thankfully, things are swinging back to a more centrist style—cozy and relaxed, but not baggy. This pair from Uniqlo is perfect. Look for yours to be fitted in the waist, with just a little room to breathe around your thighs and calves. This creates an elegant, clean line that provides shape and structure without suffocating your junk.