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“Dental dam” is a term most of us first learned during teenage sex-ed classes, only to never be heard of again. They’re thin, square pieces of latex that can prevent STDs during different types of oral sex acts (we’re talking mouth-to-vagina AND mouth-to-ass here).

Although their introduced as a completely normal part of the contraceptive landscape to teens, as an adult, it’s rare to hear anyone talk about them ever. Studies on Australian lesbians reveal that most women don’t really like to use them (Only two percent said they use them often). For incarcerated women, the rates are slightly better, but there the dental dams are distributed freely.

“If women who are incarcerated don’t use them, and Planned Parenthood can’t give them away for free, then it shouldn’t be surprising that major US drugstores don’t carry dental dams at all,” wrote Arielle Duhaime-Ross in her oral history of the dental dam, situating the tech’s contemporary relevance pretty clearly.

But it’s less clear what dudes think about these since it doesn’t seem like anyone’s asking (although we had a pretty good idea). For this week’s Hell Yes, F— No, Maybe, we asked: Have you ever used a dental dam?

We talked to 10 guys. They all said f— no. (Except one, who offered more of a casual "nah…”)

Michael, 22

Hell no, I’ve never used a dental dam. Where the f— do you even purchase one?

Nick, 30

Yes, I know what a dental dam is. No, I don’t know how it actually works. It seems a bit suspect if you have to use one… like you have a suspect pussy, you have a suspect mouth – so let me throw this on my/your pussy to make sure we’re all good.

Arturo, 41

When I choose to put my mouth on a vagina, I savor it. I don’t put some plastic there as a shield. What would I even be shielding myself from? STDs? If you don’t trust the girl you’re hooking up with, don’t eat her out. It’s not that hard.

Hiroto, 22

No, I’ve never used one. I know what it is but I’ve never even come close to incorporating that into any sexual relation. I wouldn’t answer “fuck no,” but a casual “nah.”

Chris, 35

No, seems a little ridiculous.

Greg, 38

No, I never have. People must use ‘em since they keep making ‘em, but not me.

Mac, 23

I haven’t used one. I have a very vague idea of what one is, like I know the context in which it’s used, but that’s the extent of that.

Phil, 26

No. I’ve heard about them, but like what would I even do with one? If a girl had a dental dam she wanted to use, I wouldn’t not hook up with her because of it. But I’m also never going to be like “Hey babe, I Brought you something…”

Mike, 23

No. I’ve only seen the package in health class in high school. It’s a female condom, right? The package is intimidating; it seems way more serious than a condom. But I don’t really know anything about it and have never really asked.

Dragan, 29

No, but you can cut a condom up to make one if you want to get real experimental.

And, um, on Twitter.

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