With the 2016 primary elections approaching, a dentist on Imgur described what dental work various members of the Democratic Party elite have had, and the analysis could hold the fate of the republic in the balance. Or at the very least, give Dem voters something to chew on…

Bernie Sanders

“Teeth 9, 10, 11 as circled are a bridge. He likely lost tooth 10 at some point, for some reason, and had the tooth replaced with the bridge. There are a couple big giveaways here. First if you look closely, you can tell all three teeth are connected. Secondly, the color is slightly off. The color can be off for a couple reasons. One reason is that they just picked the wrong color at the beginning. I think it is more likely that Bernie has bleached his teeth a little since he got the bridge, leaving the bridge the same color as it was before the bleaching.”

To see the what the dentist thought of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Martin O'Malley’s teeth, click here, unless you hate America or dentists or something.