In advance of the release of Sony’s The Equalizer, the two-time Oscar winner did his first Reddit Ask Me Anything and dropped a little science.

Denzel is all about the breakfast
“OOh-wee. I like a good omelet. When I feel like being a slob, I love french toast. But I like a great omelet. And I like a simple breakfast: a little diner, with bacon and eggs and hash browns, some real good greasy funky hash browns, a little OJ, a cup of coffee, I’m good.”

Denzel knows the power of no
“The most important thing I’ve done to shape my career is not taking certain films. I refused to be pigeonholed, especially early on — I tell young actors, as was told to me by a great actor — the first four or five films that you do will determine how you are perceived in this business, so sometimes you have to say no. So I said no early on a lot, and left a lot of money on the table, because I didn’t want to compromise. I tell young actors ‘if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, don’t do it’ — sometimes it’s not easy, to walk away from the money.”

Denzel occasionally regrets having said no.
“Well, I turned down the movie Seven — but then when I saw it, I thought 'Man, I made a mistake!’“

Denzel wants to make people laugh
“And [comedy’s] something I’m always on the lookout for. Yes, absolutely want to do more. I actually have a script for a remake of Uptown Saturday Night that Will Smith wants to put together, that’s been written and that we’re talking about. You can hit Will up and ask him what he’s waiting for.”

Denzel doesn’t have movie star friends
“My close friends are old friends, and none of them happen to be actors. I didn’t mean that to say that I wouldn’t befriend someone because they were an actor. I just, you know, my close friends are old friends. And it also depends on the word friends, and close friends. I have about two, three, four close friends. And a couple of them I’ve known since before I was an actor. I guess it sounded like a catchy thing to what the person wanted to say, and also most movie stars or successful actors are busy, so someone’s off shooting something else while I’m shooting somewhere else… but it’s never been my nature to make fast friends that I could truly call my friends.“

Denzel hates cats
“Cats, man, they’re too independent. They piss me off. They play when they want, and then they turn their back on you. Dogs, you throw the ball, and they bring it back, tongue hanging out, tail wagging. Cats are like ‘Not right now, too busy.’ Definitely a dog man. Except when it comes to cleaning up after them! Cats win that!”

Denzel is still the sexiest man alive and he knows it
“And then when they pick the next person, are you like, second now? Is it just one year, and then, what — it’s like a Used Car, Used Sexiest Man Alive dealership? The Almost Sexiest Man alive dealership? Who’s the sexiest man now, Adam Levine? He sits next to me at the Laker Games. It’s November when they announce it… Can’t you be the sexiest man for 2 years running? ALIVE… that’s a mouthful… sexiest man alive. I didn’t give the title to Clooney, they take it from you! I’m never going to relinquish the title. I’m still the Sexiest Man Alive. Make sure you write: I’m joking.”

Denzel likes himself some ice cream
“Oooh! Cherry Vanilla! If I had to pick three: Cherry Vanilla is first. But then either Chocolate or Butter Pecan. Haagen-Daaz or Mister Softee for those in New York. Small cone. Original Mister Softee, not the fake-out trucks! Gotta be very specific.”

Denzel likes Stanley Kubrick. A lot
“I’m on a Stanley Kubrick trip right now. I’ve just been watchin’ all of his films. I watched Full Metal Jacket the other day, Clockwork Orange. I’ve always been a fan of Scorsese, but I’ve sort of been on a Kubrick trip of late. I don’t know why. In the next couple of years, I think I mentioned I’m going to direct a film, so I’ve started to put that hat on and watch how other filmmakers put together their movies. Kubrick was a genius. And simple. I was amazed at how simple his shot selection was. He knew exactly where to put the camera in the right place, it didn’t feel like it’s been filmed, it feels like reality.”

Denzel knows his way around superheroes
“That’s a tough one. You know, I hate to take a look out the window and think I could jump out like Superman, like Clark… hmmm, I always dug Thor in the comic books. Somewhere between Superman and Thor. But you know who I really dug? When I was on vacation a few years back, and I sat, and I said I’m going to watch The Incredibles. Man, that is one of my favorite movies of all time now!”

Denzel doesn’t want a death-row “last meal”
“I’d fight it to the end. I’m not going to give in. So I wouldn’t even be thinking of a final meal. That would mean I gave up. If I’m innocent, I’m going kicking and screaming the whole way. My final meal would be whomever’s trying to put the handcuffs on me!”

Denzel will straight-up take shit
“I kept some swords from Book of Eli, sometimes I keep the costumes — I kept my glasses and hat from Malcolm X. I did a play on Broadway called Fences, where I played an old baseball player, and I kept the bat. Trying to think of what else I got… I have the tailor-made suits I wore in Training Day, I have those and the leather jacket. I go home with something.”

Denzel can’t sing
“One has to recognize one’s limitations.”

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