Derek Jeter is probably the most famous (and possibly overrated) New York Yankees player of all-time. When you’re one of the biggest celebrities in America’s largest city, you tend to be very popular with the ladies. So when you’ve had so many female companions, some weird rumors begin to surface.

In 2011 a story in the New York Post said that whenever Jeter had a one-night stand, he would send his date home in a hired car. When the woman entered the car, there would be a gift basket with a Derek Jeter-signed baseball in the backseat, just in case the woman didn’t realize she just spent the night with one of the most famous men in the world.

While Jeter never really commented on the story when it came out, now that he’s retired he seems to be more open about things. He went on sportscaster Joe Buck’s DirecTV show last night, and he got asked about the infamous gift baskets. Unfortunately, he denies he ever did it.

To be fair, if Jeter actually did such a thing, he’d basically be an evil mastermind. No one would refuse the ball because once he gets into the Hall-of-Fame, that ball will be worth a nice chunk of change. Or she keeps it and eventually gets married and her new husband will ask, “Hey, how did you get this signed Derek Jeter baseball?” And she’ll come up with some strange excuse. Then when she gets older she’ll give the ball to her son, who will spend the rest of his life admiring a memento his mom got for bumping uglies with Derek Jeter decades earlier.

Man, I hope more women come out of the woodwork to say this is true.

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