Before shooters could take place in three dimensions, on planets filled with alien bastards for you to blast all day long, they were stuck in just two dimensions. Now, One fan has helped to bring about a parallel universe version of Destiny that recalls that flat digital world—and you can even play it.

Redditor Helix3333 created “Project Tiger” in celebration of “Bungie Day,” a holiday created by the Destiny developer to celebrate its games and its fan community. It takes the look of Destiny and puts it into a 1990s-style action game, complete with the sort of 16-bit graphics you’d expect from the Super Nintendo Entertainment or Sega Genesis consoles that were popular at the time. It’s downloadable right now, too, so you can try out Helix3333’s take on Destiny while you’re taking a break from Destiny.

Don’t make it too long a break, though. With the next big Destiny expansion, “Rise of Iron,” on its way, Bungie is bringing back its “Moments of Triumph,” a series of major Destiny challenges for players to accomplish. The Moments of Triumph first showed up before the launch of the big Destiny expansion, “The Taken King,” challenging players to master all the toughest feats that had come up in the first year of the game. With Year Two coming to a close with Rise of Iron, the Moments of Triumph are returning, and they’ll be full of tough but awesome accomplishments.

You can see the full list of Moments of Triumph on the Bungie blog, and according to the developer, players will earn cool rewards for every two accomplishments they knock off the list. Time is short, however: Year Two Moments of Triumph will only be available to earn until the launch of Rise of Iron in September. After that, the only recognition you get for wiping the floor with Oryx will come from watching his husk twirlign slowly through the void toward Saturn.

Via Polygon