Lately, Destiny has been full of weird, in-depth secrets—but none is so amazing as what happened to one player when he found Destiny’s most famous dance troupe.

Actually, as you can tell from the video above, the title “Saw Something Weird at the Venus Gate Lord” is a bit of a gag, and this isn’t the story of some player stumbling into a dance performance by a group of dedicated Destiny players. But it is a pretty amazing piece of performance art within the game, with a perfectly coordinated group using the game’s built-in dance moves, explosion effects, weapons and more to create a performance of “Everybody” by the Backstreet Boys.

This isn’t the first in-game performance created by the folks at YouTube channel Husky Raid, either. They previously created a laser light show of a performance for the Gwen Stefani song “The Sweet Escape.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the Destiny community is trying valiantly to figure out the secret of the Sleeper Simulant, the most sought-after gun in the game and a mystery a huge portion of the community has been working together to solve. A new bit of the quest for the gun appeared in the game this morning, sending players scrambling to figure it out and complete all the new steps.

All these new developments mean it’ll be pretty exciting to see what the Husky Raid folks create once they can buy new dance moves and add whatever lighting effects the Sleeper Simulant will bring to their repertoire.