The latest Destiny special event kicks off today, and it’s all about getting cozy with your fellow Guardians as you burn the faces off the still-writhing corpses of your enemies.

A week of themed content called Crimson Days just hit Destiny, and it’s all about couples, adventuring and fighting other players. As detailed on developer Bungie’s website, Destiny is getting a couples-centric multiplayer mode called Crimson Doubles in which players team up with a buddy and go to town wrecking other couples—because the best Valentine is dishing out the occasional teabag with a friend or loved one.

Crimson Doubles comes with special rewards, like a chocolate version of the little robot Ghost you carry around, and there are special event missions and bounties to complete, by the sounds of things. Oh, and Destiny’s social area, the Tower, is covered in crimson and roses to get players into the spirit.

You can check out all the Crimson Days details on